It's 2020, and along with still not having jetpacks, it's also never been harder to find great products at a great price. Why? Because big box stores are cranking out crap products faster than ever. Luxury brands are slapping overpriced logos on Hyundai-grade products and charging Land Rover prices. Amazon has every product known to man, including all of the worst ones, and why would I trust a review written by randomjoe1234, when it was probably written by the seller's well-meaning, but misinformed and misguided intern?

There has to be a better way.

That's why Alex and I founded Haven Ready. We think there's not just space for a brand that brings you only affordable products that work great, last a long time, and look sexy—we think that, like us, you're craving it.

Every Haven Ready product has been personally tested. By us. And found to be awesome. Also by us. In fact, check out our YouTube channel, and you can hear straight from our own mouths what we love about each one. 

Every Haven Ready product is geared to get you ready for what's ahead of you. Some of our products prep you for the known, like our Haven Power Bucket, perfect for giving you power in the backcountry, the back 40, or the back 9. Others, like our Oh Shit Kit, packed with first aid must-haves in case your worst cases pop up, get you ready for the unknown. All of them work. 

Alex spent years in the military learning what it takes to be a survivor in any situation, and how to thrive in conditions where others wilt. I've spent my life pushing farther and faster, learning what right looks like when it comes to outdoor gear that helps people like you get where you want to go, and look great doing it.

Together, we invite you to join us in our quest to do more, and be more. To experience the very pinnacle of what life has to offer, and to be ready for what's there, whether that's the beach, the lake, the mountain, the wild, or the backyard. 

You keep getting after it. We'll make sure you're ready. 


By Clay Banks


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