It’s friggin’ tough being the tip of the spear. Sure, you’re sharper than most. You’re ready to poke whoever (or whatever) needs poking, wherever and whenever they need poking, at the drop of a hat. But even the sharpest power tool in the shed needs a little recharge every now and then.

Enter the Haven Power Bucket.

Charge your phone to completion up to 14 times. Power up your iPad for up to around 8-9 hours’ worth of charge. This thing crams 60,000 mAh into one sexy, black bucket of powerful goodness. And it’s a Haven Ready product, so you know it looks good doing it.

In this Pass & Review, find out the ups and downs of this mammjamma of a battery. Alex walks you through plusses, minuses, features and benefits of the hottest thing in power since the Energizer Bunny. Also, find out why we say this thing charges everything. Hint: It can power a CPAP machine.

By Clay Banks


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