It’s not every day you get to sit down and talk shop with a real American hero. Today’s your day, though.

As a senior leader for years at the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, Doug Englen was responsible for planning and executing some of our nation’s most important aviation missions. One of the most decorated aviators in recent U.S. Army history, he’s a legend in the Joint Special Operations community. One of his most high-profile missions was as the lead planner on the Bin Laden raid. He has two Silver Stars. Over 2,500 combat missions. Dude's a certified Army Pilot.

He also managed to make a hotshot aviator out of our own CEO, Alex, as Englen led the training team when Alex showed up at the Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

In the inaugural episode of our ongoing conversation series, the Hot Wash, hear Chief Englen describe what it takes to perform at the highest level, under the worst conditions. While people are shooting at you. With an entire country counting on you. (It's ok to swoon.) Oh, and if you're in the great state of Tennessee, Doug is also running for a State Senate seat. If his history tells us anything, it's that he's the kind of guy you want calling shots.


In the Hot Wash, we’ll be delivering critical lessons for high performers, talking to those who’ve been there, done that, got the medal. Winners. Alphas. Tips of the spear. Those who embody the Haven Ready mentality.

By Clay Banks


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