But you're not Everyone. You're a closer. A performer. You worked hard to get where you are, and you deserve to enjoy the reward.

Haven Ready was founded for you. The heavy hitters. The go a little farther guys. The watch and learn kind of ladies. Our products won't help you reach the top you'll do that all on your own. But they will help you be ready for the ride.

Haven Ready was founded by an endurance athlete and a member of the military's special forces. Clay and Alex were tired of having to choose between great gear and a great price. Now, you don't have to. our products work great, last a long time, and look sexy. Haven Ready delivers premium goods that help you stay ready for anything. For what ever the world throws your way. For life.

You keep getting after it. We'll make sure you're ready. Haven ready.








Our Charlie Mike Guarantee

We stand by every product we produce, because we've tested, poked, and prodded each of them. Not happy? Send it back any time within a year of purchase and we will take care of you.



CEO & Co-Founder

Special operations training. Army survival school. 9 deployments and 400+ combat missions. 1,700 flight hours in 5 different Army aircraft. Alex knows what it takes to survive. He thrives where others wilt. But it's not his years of training that makes him perfect to lead Haven Ready. It's his unwavering commitment to excellence. That's what he brings to every part of the Haven family of brands, from our home security products to Haven Ready's collection of consumer products.



COO & Co-Founder

For over 15 years, Clay worked up the corporate ladder and was ranked Top 40 Under 40 for Business and Economic Development in the world. But this ultra marathoner was destined to grow tired of the boardroom. Clay left the suit and tie world to pursue a life un-tethered to an office, where he could chase the more important things in life.   

Clay's a Crossfitter, marathon and ultra marathon runner, and waterfall chaser, bringing a lifetime of outdoor experience to the Haven Ready brand.

star star star star star

The Finger—The Chive

A firecracker done blowed your finger off...Now what? The Haven Survival Kit has everything you need to keep lighting up the sky and pissing off your neighbors. (Neighbor repellent spray not included).

star star star star star

A Great Deal—John

I bought this for my daughter who is in college now. She likes having it on her off campus house. It gives me peace of mind knowing this an American made product is installed and protecting her.

star star star star star

Killer Power—Marc

Like a power pack on steroids. In the good way, not the roidy way. Gave me exactly the power I needed, when and where I needed it. Love it.

You keep getting after it.
We'll make sure you're ready.