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The power bucket is packed full of shit you didn't know you needed. Wireless charging, 3 USB ports, a plug in port, and enough GO-juice to charge your kids iPad 10 times. If you are the kind of guy who needs a CPAP to sleep, we got you covered, just add ear plugs. Hit the road with 60,000 mAh worth of power and never get caught without access to your device. We would hate for you to have to talk to someone in person.

Specs For Days

  • You want output interface? You got it: DC, Four Usb, Type C, Wireless
  • Battery type? Nothing but the best:18650 Lithium Battery, Lithium
  • It’s so light, even a Coast Guardsman* can carry it, with a weight of:7.7 pounds
  • One fine solar panel, with a type of: Grade A Polycrystalline
  • What’s the battery capacity? ALL OF IT. To the tune of: 222WH 60000mAh

*Don’t worry, we only kid Coasties cause we love ‘em.

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Retail Price: $279
On Sale: $249

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Charge Every F*cking Thing

Let’s face it, your best life takes some f*cking power. Phones, tablets, phablets, fitbits, watches, flashlights, GPS, TV, airpods, GoPros, and Bluetooth for days. This device powers all of those and more. How much more? A FREAKING CPAPMACHINE. This is not a joke. The Haven Power Bucket has enough juice to keep your best life going. You can even combine it with our HAVEN 80W Solar Panel!

It does it all silently. No gas. No noise to disrupt your beach buzz. No fumes. And it looks great doing it.

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  • Critical home devices
  • Computer
  • Gaming devices
  • Camping lantern
  • Laptop
  • iPhone
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Cameras
  • Electric
  • Portable POS systems
  • TV
  • Lamps
  • Sweet sound system
  • Drones
  • Just about any other damn thing

Power Bucket Puts You In Charge (Get It?)

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Haven Keeps You Ready 4 Life

But you're not Everyone. You're a closer. A performer. You worked hard to get where you are, and you deserve to enjoy the reward.

Haven Ready was founded for you. The heavy hitters. The go a little farther guys. The watch and learn kind of ladies. Our products won't help you reach the top you'll do that all on your own. But they will help you be ready for the ride.

Haven Ready was founded by an endurance athlete and a member of the military's special forces. Clay and Alex were tired of having to choose between great gear and a great price. Now, you don't have to. our products work great, last a long time, and look sexy. Haven Ready delivers premium goods that help you stay ready for anything. For what ever the world throws your way. For life.

You keep getting after it. We'll make sure you're ready. Haven ready.

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Our Charlie Mike Guarantee

We stand by every product we produce, because we've tested, poked, and prodded each of them. Not happy? Reach back out to us and we will make it right.

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